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About Datacon

About Datacon

Datacon Dental Systems was founded to fulfill the needs of dental practices as they moved toward using developing technologies. Originally involved in assembling the complete dental system including hardware and software, Datacon has been able to meet practice's growing and changing needs for over 30 years. Today there are many available resources for hardware and IT expertise so in April of 2010, Datacon moved away from selling hardware systems to focus solely on software development and support.

Datacon's software has evolved from running on mini-computers connected to dot-matrix printers and monochrome terminals to supporting a modern multi platform network. Over the years we have embraced new technologies as they matured and have provided our clients with a smooth upgrade path that protects their investments in hardware, software, and the valuable data contained therein. We continue to move forward with development for use with iPads and other mobile devices. A modern Datacon installation can include any mix of Mac or Windows based workstations interfaced to web services and any of a number of x-ray or imaging systems.

Our belief is that no two practices are alike and that the practice owners know what's best for themselves, their staff, and their patients. We don't believe in forcing the use of any particular type of workstation, camera, sensor or imaging software and we strive to be compatible with every option out there.

Originally founded in 1973, Datacon is proud to continue to be an independent company dedicated to the satisfaction and on-going support of hundreds of dentists in a long-term relationship.