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Charting - Planning

The Planning page provides two ways to organize treatment plan. The Plans button allows you to place transactions on plan A, B, C, or D or multiple plans. The Visits button allows you to create up to three appointments and attach treatment plan transactions to them.  

Charting - Referral

The referral page allows treatment to be referred to an outside provider.

Charting - Prescriptions

The RX page in charting shows all prescriptions for the patient and allows new ones to be posted.

Charting - Lab Cases

The Lab page in Charting allows lab cases for the patient to be created, updated and monitored.

Charting - Chart Notes

The Chart Notes page shows all completed treatments, treatment plan, prescriptions, and chart notes in the patient ledger. Notes on transactions are expanded so everything can be read by just scrolling up and down through the list. You can select a single tooth or a group of teeth to only show part of the notes in the patient chart.