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The account ledger shows all financial transactions for all patients on the account.

Monthly Statistics can be summarized by quarter or year. Selecting a month provides access to a calendar view where individual days can be selected to view appointments, production, treatment plan, and more.

The perio exam can be displayed or printed within an exam report. Our realistic graphic representation provides an excellent tool for patient communication. 

Our charting screen allows entry of pre-existing work or procedures performed by specialists, entry of watch items, entry of treatment plan, and completed work. Chart notes and prescriptions can also be entered here. This screen provides multiple ways to view the patients chart including all…

Perio exams are entered under the control of a script that can be customized by each user based on their preferred method of doing an exam. Results are immediately displayed on screen in a format that can readily be understood by the patient. 

This chart shows the daily change in receivables over the last few months.