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Marketing - How to Build a Holiday List

Each year beginning around the end of September our Customer Support department receives many calls about how to create a list of “active patients” to receive a holiday greeting.

Insurance - How to Create a List of Patients with Remaining Benefits

If your office uses treatment plans to record pending treatment for your patients, you can create a list of patients who have pending treatment and who also have insurance benefits remaining for this year.

Organize - All about Charge Procedure Codes

Click below for helpful information when setting up your charge procedure codes.

Organize - Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are a place to store and organize pending treatments for a patient. Transactions on a treatment plan can be attached to an appointment, organized into phases or alternative plans, printed for the patient, and submitted to insurance on pre-authorization forms.

Payments - Posting Payments

Payments in Datacon can be posted several different ways. Individually as the payment comes in, as part of the process of processing a day’s patients or as group payments when the payment needs to be split among multiple accounts.