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Scheduling - How to Make an Appointment

When you need to make an appointment, you will encounter a number of different scenarios. Read this documentation for helpful hints.

Scheduling - Processing a Day's Patients

A day's patients are all of the patients who are on the schedule for the day or who have recall that is due on that day. Review this documentation for hints on how to streamline this process.

Organize - How to Set Up Patient Folders

Patient folders are used to store patient information such as forms, charts and x-rays.

Scheduling - Scheduling Views

The Scheduling Views tool is especially helpful for offices that have multiple doctors and use different books for the hygienists. Scheduling Views allows for the creation of up to 32 custom views.

Organize - All About Procedure Categories

Procedure categories can be customized in Datacon in order to facilitate ease of procedure code tracking and reporting. Once a procedure category is created and procedure codes have been specified for it, the category can be tracked as a whole unit.