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Buying or Selling your Datacon Practice

Are you considering purchasing a practice that uses Datacon Dental Systems software?

If you are, here is what you are getting:

  1. A complete practice management system – no modules to purchase
  2. A relationship with your Datacon support team – unlimited telephone support via our 800 number
  3. Airtight audit controls and reporting system
  4. The ability to customize your reports
  5. The ability to use Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows workstations
  6. Seamless integration with most popular clinical software programs
  7. The ease of mind when using the Internet, our system is virus resistant
  8. Free software upgrades
  9. And many, many more features!

Are you considering selling your practice that uses Datacon Dental Systems?

If you are, here is what you need to help you:

  1. Get your practice up to speed – investing in updated equipment really adds to the value of your practice.  New workstations, a fast and efficient server and well-trained staff are among the value adding upgrades that can be accomplished with a relatively small amount of cash outlay.  (Think about what you would do to sell your home; fresh carpet and paint add to the value of your home and can increase your sales price by more than the price of the investment!)
  2. Up-to-date software adds value, too! Datacon’s latest version of software is packed with features to help you and your staff manage your patient recall, submit electronically to your patients insurance for payment, stay on top of your receivables, fill last minute holes in you schedule, track goals and production – and a whole lot more.  Utilizing the newest software version can improve your practice image; did you know that your patients can electronically “check in”?  One major factor in the purchase of a practice is the seamless way the staff interacts with your patients while effortlessly taking care of your practice needs.  Our software can help!
  3. Coordinating the handoff of your practice to the purchasing doctor is another area where we can help.  Let us work with you and the new doctor to ensure your billing and patient receivables are managed throughout this process.  Contact our support staff for helpful forms to guide you through the sale process.