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TimeClock is an optional add-on to your Datacon system.

  • Dental practices have certain rules and regulations about time and attendance.This is because time is an important element that should be used wisely. Companies expect employees to make good use of their time to increase office productivity.

  • To realize this goal, a practice must have an effective way of tracking and monitoring the time and attendance of employees. This will ensure that employees are using their time well.

  • The Time Clock software from Datacon helps track, monitor and manage the time records of employees. This software has many advantages over the manual means of tracking attendance through paper. It represents an ideal method of time management for today’s

  • Time Clock keeps a permanent record of your employees days and hours worked. No need to print out a slew of reports, you can always access employee information retroactively. This can be really helpful when filling out government forms regarding hours, et

  • There are a number of ways to view your information depending on what your goal is. View your practice as a whole, view your practice by department, view your practice in varying time periods, view just a pay type.... the options are all there!

  • One office only needs one edition of the software.