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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, We are currently integrated with Planmeca Romexis.

We don't know yet but we have offices running dozens of workstations in multiple locations.

We have partnered with DentalXChange for electronic claims processing.

Check out our documentation pages or feel free to send a message to our staff using the support or contact tabs on this site.

Access to your data requires a user name and password and you can determine which of your users has access via the web.

 Account and patient phone numbers shown on your iPhone can be called by simply touching the number.

Patient pictures shown by your Datacon software can be viewed on your mobile device but it does not have access to x-rays or other images stored within whatever imaging software you use. 

Many of our clients have done this but keep in mind if you are using a Windows based imaging system such as XDR, Dexis, and others that these programs do not run on Macs without purchasing additional software to support using Windows along side of the Mac operating system.