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Datacon Mobile Update

Datacon Mobile Update

Our announcement of Datacon Mobile has generated a lot of interest. We have received lots of calls and eMails through our website with questions and comments. We were also able to show Datacon Mobile running on iPads at our booth at CDA.

The list of features is growing rapidly and your feedback has allowed us to focus on areas that are of particular interest to potential users of this exciting new option. Two requested features that have already been implemented were the ability to cancel an appointment when confirming with a mobile device and the ability for the doctor to add a patient to the next day's schedule when a patient calls after hours with a problem.

To support these features, we have also added a schedule follow-up list to the software in your office. Whenever a patient cancels an appointment or is added for an emergency, the patient is placed on the list for follow-up. These new capabilities and more will be included in the 3.6D software that is currently in testing.

Datacon Mobile is only available if you are using a Mac server (Mac Mini or Mac Pro) with our latest software and have a high speed internet connection to your office.

And Speaking of Mobile...

There is a whole new type of practice out there that is an ideal candidate for Datacon. Maybe you know of someone who fits this description. Utilizing the MacBook Pro (laptop) you can carry around your whole practice! Many providers travel from location to location to practice their dentistry. By using the MacBook Pro you simply plug into the Internet when connectivity is needed, plug into a small printer when printing is needed and away you go! Now that’s mobile! This style of software utilization is only recommended for the one-person practice. If you know of someone who might be interested, please give us a call or visit our website to find out more!