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Time Clock Software Update

Time Clock Software Update

Time Clock software keeps track of your staff hours so you don't have to. Easy reporting, accrual of vacation and sick benefits and more!

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.4 of our Time Clock software. With this update, we have updated Time Clock to match the look and feel of the current dental software release. e print options in Time Clock now match those you have had in the dental software. is includes support for printing to PDF - now your HR person can print the time reports and easily save them to a workstation or send them to your payroll administrator or accountant.

e major new feature in Time Clock 2.4 is Sick and Vacation Time accruals.

e software handles a broad assortment of options for accruing sick or vacation time including hourly, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and annual. Hourly accrual is a good option for part- time employees and accumulates sick or vacation time based on the portion of the annual hours that have been worked. Weekly and bi-weekly accruals can occur on any day of the week. Semi-monthly and monthly accruals can occur on any day of the month and yearly accruals can occur in any month. Each employee can be assigned any accrual method. Sick and vacation accrual settings for employees are completely separate. Each can specify the accrual method, annual hours to be worked, annual benefit, and a maximum accrual. Employee accrual settings are posted to the time card making it simple to change the benefits on any effective date or grant benefits after some period of employment.

An employee can review the current vacation or sick accrual at any time. ere is also a sick and vacation accrual report available. is report can be run for an employee for any range of dates and can be summarized by day, week, month, quarter, or year. is report shows both the accumulation and use of sick and vacation time and any changes to the employee's accrual settings. If you are already using the time clock software, this is a free update. Let Datacon’s Time Clock software remove the headache of tracking accrued leave time.