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Time Clock & Office Mail

Time Clock & Office Mail

Your Datacon software includes the option to leave notes for other users but our optional Time Clock software includes a much more extensive communication capability. This feature can facilitate communication between individual employees and also be used to make general announcements about meetings, schedule changes, parties, or anything else. It can be particularly useful to practices that have multiple locations. When any employee punches in using Time Clock, the software will show the Main Menu if there is any unread mail.  

Office Mail is similar to regular eMail but it is strictly for use within the office or by users connected remotely using pcLink. There are no attachments, spam, viruses, or junk mail with Office Mail because it is designed specifically for sending messages to employees. A message can be sent to a single employee, to a selected group, or to all employees. Groups can be selected by department or individual employees can be chosen to receive a message. The sender of a message can review the list of recipients at any time to see who has read the message. As long as the message is in the sender's "Sent" list, the note can be edited by any recipient. The original message and any additions are locked and signed by the person doing the editing so there is always accountability. When a message is updated by a recipient, the message is marked as unread in everyone's inbox. 

When the sender deletes the sent message, it can no longer be edited but can be reviewed in the sender's trash and continues to be visible to all recipients.  When all recipients have deleted the message, it will be deleted from everyone's trash and completely removed from the system. After 90 days, if a message remains on file, the sender can delete the message from the trash and it will be removed from all recipients regardless of it's status.

Employees can review the list of employee records and see an overview of each person's office mail status including how many emails are  in the inbox, sent list, or trash. A regular employee can select someone from the list to send them a message. Administrative employees can select someone from the list and send a message using the Office Mail selection at the bottom of the employee menu.

Any employee can select Office Mail on the Main Menu or in their own Employee Record to review their inbox, sent mail, drafts, and trash. If management does not want all employees sending mail, there is an employee privilege that controls each person's ability to send mail.

The current release of Time Clock is Version 2.4 - 5/1/2013. If you are using Time Clock be sure to give us a call so we can schedule a simple update.

If you are not using Time Clock this is an optional separate software package which costs $395.00. Call for a free demo of this time saving (pun intended) software package.