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Charting Sneak Preview

Charting Sneak Preview

Datacon's charting system is getting a makeover.

Datacon's software has included periodontal tooth charting with anatomical tooth images for many years. Due to their simplicity and realism, these images have proven to be a very effective patient education tool for many offices.
We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing an update to your software in the coming weeks that improves these images, adds support for mixed dentition, and brings this capability to our general charting screens. The software has been "educated" about tooth development and will now automatically display a mix of primary and permanent teeth based on the patient's age. An oral exam screen provides a way to make individual adjustments to the development of each tooth. The oral exam also provides a way to record any pre-existing dentistry when seeing a new patient for the first time. For those of you who have years of history posted to patient ledgers, these new charting screens will show all crowns, extractions, root canal treatments, restorations, etc. based on what has already been posted.

We have included a couple screen shots to give you an idea of what to expect. We will be posting some demo videos online soon and of course, you will be notified when this software is ready for release.  

Development Tab

This is the oral exam screen showing the Development menu where exceptions to normal development can be noted. This example is showing the patient at age 5. Tooth "O"/24 has been adjusted to reflect the early shedding of the primary tooth. Tooth "S"/28 is highlighted for the purpose of adjusting it's development. The arch to the right shows "S" highlighted and "O" missing. Multiple teeth can be selected for adjustment. Choosing one or more teeth and clicking "Primary Retained" prevents the shedding of the selected teeth as the patient ages and causes the software to always draw the primary tooth in that position.  

Dentistry Tab

This is the oral exam screen showing the Dentistry menu where existing dentistry and removed or missing teeth can be noted. The three unit bridge was entered by clicking the Bridge button and dragging the mouse across #29-31. The buttons are currently ready to add a MODL composite to the next tooth selected. 

The Overview screen will provide a simple way to view the status of the teeth at any point in the patient's lifetime and includes simple buttons for showing the status when the patient was first seen vs. the patient status today. It is also possible to smoothly move backward and forward thru time to show changes over any arbitrary period.

We hope you will be as enthused as we are about this upcoming release. We will continue to provide updated information about our progress.