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Perio Charting Feature

Perio Charting Feature

Did you know that the perio charting feature has been available in your Datacon software since 1990? 

An interesting side note is when it was first released; we were not yet using PC and Mac workstations. The onscreen perio display required a special color terminal costing about $1500. It was nowhere near as beautiful as it is now utilizing today’s technology.

“Do I have that in my software?” is a question we hear time and again at CDA Sessions, and various training meetings. And, our answer is always “YES!” Our software is constantly evolving to meet your practice needs.

The perio charting draws a graphically accurate picture as you type in the patient’s pocket depth. If you have a workstation in the operatory the patient can see how their pockets depths look in real time.

Many consider our printed perio exam report to be the BEST on the market! We have had many requests to make this available as a separate product to be integrated with other packages but it remains a Datacon exclusive and one of your unique benefits. Contact our software support team for help in setting up your personalized perio charting feature.