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Perio Charting Feature

Datacon’s Periodontal Charting is a great way to present periodontal treatment plans to your patients, as well as an excellent teaching tool. 

Organize - TimeClock Software

Stop wasting your time collecting manual time clock information and eliminate payroll and overtime errors. Datacon's TimeClock software gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of your payroll record-keeping!

Organize - Deactivating or Reactivating Patients and Accounts

Patients and accounts can be inactivated or reactivated either individually or as a group based on common criteria.

Organize - How to Clean Up Your Doctor File

Did you know the order that producers come up in while posting charges is the same as the list order in Doctors on the Main Menu

Best Practices - Year End Procedures

When year-end arrives, there are some tasks that MUST be done prior to beginning a new year and some that are recommended but not required.