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Charting - Overview

The Overview page in the charting system provides the initial view of the patient's chart, access to other areas of charting, and the ability to view the dentition at any point in time.

Charting - Medical History

The Medical History page in Charting shows medical alerts and conditions and allows new items to be added.

Charting - Oral Exam

The Oral Exam page in Charting allows creating records that record the initial status of the patient when first seen or update the status of the patient as they come in for subsequent visits.  

Charting - Perio Exam

The Perio Exam page allows you to create and enter a new perio exam or to review prior exam data.  

Charting - Treatment

The Treatment page in Charting is where we enter new treatment plan, watch items, work completed elsewhere and where we indicate which items in the treatment plan have been completed.